Easter Pet Safety Tips

Did you know, just 50g of chocolate can be toxic and kill a dog! The problem is that the systems of cats and dogs cannot tolerate theobromine, one of the key ingredients of chocolate. Theobromine can cause a range of problems in domestic animals because it triggers the release of adrenaline, which can lead to […]


With the current heatwaves we are experiencing in Queensland, heatstroke can be a life threatening side effect. Heatstroke is an emergency, and in Dogs, it can lead to rapid multi-organ failure and has a high mortality rate. Signs of heatstroke in dogs may include: constant panting, rapid breathing and heart rate, pale or red gums, […]

Petmas Tips: Food and Treats

The silly season is nearly here, and many of us will include our beloved fur babies pets in our festivities. Follow our Baybreeze Petmas Tips to help your pet have a healthy and happy festive season! Although your pet may beg for some table scraps and human treats, keep these well away from all pets. […]

Is it important to train my new puppy?

Training is an important part of any dog’s life, and is important for several reasons. It provides mental stimulation which helps to keep your dog happy, and if combined with morning exercise your dog will be mentally and physically tired at the end and far more likely to sleep during the day. Reward-based training is […]

Keep us healthy during the winter months!

Temperatures are starting to drop as winter approaches. It’s nearly time for crackling fires, hot drinks and warm coats! Luckily winter does not last long in Queensland, and many people believe our pets don’t need anything extra during this time, however , some of our fur babies may need an extra layer or two, especially […]

Free Heartworm injections at Baybreeze!

Did you know, Only 20% of dogs effected by heartworm will show clinical signs, meaning when they start to show signs the damage is already quite extensive. It only takes one day of missed dose of your monthly protection for your dog to contract heartworm which can be life threatening! At Baybreeze Family Vets we […]

Dont feed us sweet treats!

With Easter fast approaching, you may be tempted to share some sweet treats with your beloved fur baby – DONT! Chocolate is especially bad for your pets. Chocolate contains cocoa, and cocoa contains the compound theobromine. Theobromine is toxic to dogs and other pets in certain doses. Chocolate poisoning is a problem that occurs mainly […]

Join The Puppyrazzi!

We’ve created a special little area at Baybreeze Family Vet Clinic, where you can take a quick snap of your beloved furbaby! Remember to upload your best photo’s and tag us! @baybreezevets We can’t wait to see all of our celebs!

Puppy Preschool Is Back!

We are delighted to announce that Baybreeze Family Vet Clinic’s Puppy preschool is back! Join our lovely Maddy on Saturday, 5th March ’22 at 07:45 SHARP! The program will run for four (4) consecutive weeks and if you would like to reserve a spot for you start pupil, simply get in touch: (07) 3103 8432, […]

August is dental month at Baybreeze Family Vet Clinics.

Imagine never brushing your teeth. Constantly having lots of plaque and an unpleasant taste in your mouth, and not to mention, the smell. Your budget most likely will not thank you either after having to pay a hefty dentist bill to get your dental health back in good shape. Now imagine what could happen to […]

Baybreeze Family Vet Clinics Winter Tips!

The sudden cool winter weather always comes as a shock to us in the Redlands, especially when we enjoy higher Autumn temperatures in Queensland, Brisbane and surrounds. The first hint that winter is on its way is when our dogs start curling up in a ball on their beds or eyeing out ours!  Luckily winter […]

Toad Toxicity.

All of this wet weather recently has caused an influx of toads and mushrooms throughout backyards all-over Capalaba and South-East Queensland. Cane Toads secrete a toxin from glands on each shoulder, the glands release the poison when the toad feels threatened. If ingested, this venom can cause excessive salivation, retching, vomiting, seizures and paralysis. Immediate […]

Closed For Australia Day.

Baybreeze Family Vets will be closed for the Australia Day public holiday. Normal business hours will resume on Wednesday, 27th January, 2021.

How Excess Weight Gain Affects Your Pets.

Many of us don’t realise that our dog is overweight, because the weight gain is easy to overlook as it often takes place gradually over time. Even if you’ve noticed your dog is carrying a little extra weight, you may not be aware how much it can affect his health. Being as little as 20% […]

Puppy Preschool is back for 2021!

Join us for our first puppy preschool intake for 2021 at Baybreeze Family Vets! Our first class will be on Thursday, 14th January from 17:30 – 18:30 and the program will run over a 4 week period. Puppy training is a fantastic opportunity to bond with your puppy and adopt a framework of how to […]

Did you know, 90% of skin allergies are not caused by food issues! With summer in full swing, some pets may have an increased reaction to environmental allergens. Check out this handy video by Hills AU that provides some excellent insights and handy tips!

Meet Zazu!

Zazu belongs to our Nurse Sarah and came in for a routine dental a few weeks ago. Zazu was diagnosed with resorptive lesions during a routine dental scale and polish, dental x-rays revealed her tooth roots were resorbing! Resorptive lesions are most commonly seen in cats, however the condition has been reported in dogs as […]

Baybreeze Xmas Opening Hours:

We would like to wish all of our clients and patients a very special Christmas! As we prepare to take a bit of a break, our opening hours will vary slightly over the holiday period: 24/12: Closing at 12:00 pm 25/12: Closed 26/12: Closed 27/12: Closed 28/12: Closed 29/12: Closed 30/12: 8:00am – 4:00pm 31/12: […]

Christmas foods that are dangerous to pets.

Christmas is really all about food for us humans. From our stockings to our dining tables, food is everywhere during the run-up to Christmas. A lot of the foods we commonly associate with Christmas are highly dangerous for our pets. Let’s take a look at the foods you should keep well out of their reach. […]

Unhealthy Ears. Know The Signs!

Your pets’ ears play an important role in their overall health and well being but can sometimes be overlooked. Knowing the signs associated with a possible ear infection could help reduce long term damage. If your pet is showing any of the following signs, contact your veterinarian straight away: Scratching the ear, shaking the head, […]

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