Ticks are a small insect of the arachnid family. There are many species of tick but the one of most concern is the paralysis tick (Ixodes holocyclus). The paralysis tick can be found along the Eastern Coast of Australia. They can be found from as far as North Queensland to Victoria. Other common types of ticks you may find on your pet are bush ticks or brown dog ticks.

The prevalence of ticks increases during ‘tick season’ - October to March and they normally attach themselves to our native animals like possums and bandicoots, so if you live in bushland areas with wildlife, chances are, ticks will be prevalent.

The most common symptom that your pet might have a tick is paralysis of the hind legs. Other symptoms include an unsteady staggering walk, a dry cough, or even just a change in the animal’s bark or meow. If you see any of these symptoms contact us immediately and search your pet for ticks. If you find a tick on your pet, it is best to remove it as quickly as possible. Use tweezers or a tick removal system. Once removed, monitor your pet for symptoms of tick paralysis - contact us immediately if they are displaying paralysis symptoms.

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